Adv Keynan specializes in criminaland and administrative law as well as consulting in this field.  law at all levels and from 1995 and gained  thousands of hours of experience as one of the leading lawyer

The firm has handled and is responsible for most complex criminal cases   discussed in Israeli courts and Attorney Uri Keynan led defense teams for defendants and suspects 

  The firm's expertise as a leader in providing customers with the opportunity to receive counseling from the criminal proceedings of the analysis and review of tactics and strategy in the management of the proceedings

The firm's staff carefully selected as one of the leading specialist in his field and is comprised of leading attorneys and professionals in this sector

The firm is committed to customer success and which requires sensitivity, diligence and skill that because we know well that forbid a criminal involved in agitation and dysfunctional and him

In order to maintain its status as one of the firm's leading lawyer Uri Keynan is to integrate the  study among Office workers who are committed to the professional occasionally perfections in the field